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Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition kits are true one-offs. Produced in small batches on time-limited runs, there will only ever be a finite amount of these designs in circulation. Much like artist prints, the kits are numbered and come with authenticity certificates. These one-of-a-kind kits are heirlooms of the future.


Limited Edition: The Bird Court


Limited Edition: The Catch


Heirlooms of the future

How does it work?

The limited edition kits are time-limited and numbered. Each quarter we launch two new limited edition designs (one open-access and one only accessed by Studio Members), available to purchase for just 20 days.

We make up the exact number of kits and dispatch them within a month from the end of the sale period. Each kit is numbered - so you know exactly how many are out there - and includes a signed and numbered authenticity certificate to apply to the back of the piece once framed.

The limited edition kits use some advanced stitching techniques, so you will need prior stitching experience to create the designs. All the stitches used are taught as part of the Start Stitching course, therefore if you haven't stitched before, we would recommend doing this course first.

The Framing Kits

We are making easier than ever for you to paint-your-own frames when it comes to the Limited Edition kits. Alongside the embroidery kit, you also have the option to purchase a framing set. The framing set includes an unpainted frame, all the paints and varnish, a guide on how to recreate the design and the mounting materials to stretch your finished embroidery design.

Our limited edition kits are also available as Refill Kits for Studio Members