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General How to Guides

Each sewing kit has its own specific video guide which you will find on the individual product pages. In this section of the website we have grouped together the general how to videos. These guide you through specific stitches, how to get started, unpicking your work and more. These are designed to accompany the kits however are designed to be used alongside the kit.

If you would like to learn to stitch, we have designed a thorough course which guides you through the entire process teaching you a vast range of stitches and showing you lots of tips and tricks. You can find out more about the course here

Getting started and splitting the thread

This video walks through how to split the thread into three strands, tie a knot, and make your first stitches. You can also use this to show you how to split into other numbers of strands.

Satin stitch and running stitch

In this short video we guide you how to do both satin stitch and running stitch, two stitches used commonly throughout our kits.

Chain stitch using the link method

This video guides you through how to do chain stitch with the link method, which is our preferred way of creating chain stitch.

French knots

This video guides you through how to stitch French knots, a stitch used in several of our kits.

Stem stitch and whipped stem stitch

This video guides you through stem stitch and whipped stem stitch, two stitches which are used in the Night at the Circus range.

Hungarian braid

This video guides you through Hungarian Braid which is a stitch used in the Night at the Circus range.

Turkey work

This video guides you through how to do Turkey work, which is a type of stitching used in the Night at the Circus range.

How to make a cushion

This video guides you through how you can make up a cushion with your stitched canvas, using our tassels, backing fabric and piping. You do need a sewing machine for this guide.

Guide to unpicking

This short video will give you some tips if you need to unpick any areas of work.

Mounting your embroidery

In this video we will guide you through how to mount your embroidery onto foam board once you have finished stitching.