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About Us

I’m Eppie Thompson. I’ve fallen in love with the pleasures of sewing and I’d love to help you do the same. To me, there’s no such thing as people who don’t enjoy sewing. There are simply people who haven’t tried it yet.

The sampler my granny* made for me still has pride of place on my wall. So when some friends announced their engagement a few years ago, I thought I’d try my hand at making one. From the second I pushed the thread through the eye of the needle, I was entranced by the simple, meditative process. I knew I’d found the perfect antidote to my intense, stressful job.

*100 years old and still going strong, making beautiful samplers for every grandchild that comes into the family!

After years of working in finance, at the start of 2020 I left my job to start The Fabled Thread. Whilst the world went into lockdown, I launched my kits into the world. After starting the business from a corner of my bedroom at home with three kits, we have grown to offer over 100 different embroidery and needlepoint kits, as well as framing, decorative painting, virtual courses, workshops and more. My mission is to empower everyone to explore their own creativity and experience the joy the making brings to me.

Photos taken from article for World of Interiors. Credit: Simon Upton

No longer working from my bedroom, we are now a team of four working in Islington, London. We make everything in house from our kits, to our painted frames. After years of working in rather soulless corporate environments, what a treat it is to be able to create your own workspace. Our studio is one full of colour, pattern and of course... embroidery. Take a virtual tour of our studio here or we are open by appointment if you would like to visit and shop in person. Just send us an email!

David and I in the studio preparing kits
Katy, our in house painter, decorating one of our musicians frames
Our studio manager Georgina, who is the glue holding The Fabled Thread together