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Behind The Scenes

The glamour of slow and steady growth

This time last year I had very clear ideas of what I needed to do with the business. There were so many aspects which weren’t achieving the potential I thought possible, and so 2024 was all about reworking the fundamentals so that I could grow from a solid base. That involved 9 months of work to create the new website, work on our supplier relationships, improving our internal processes, filling holes in our product range and starting to build alternative marketing channels.

Fast-forward 12 months and the business is totally different from last year. Whilst our kits and frames are as still as they were (with the exception of a few new designs), we now have sewing supplies, an expanded paint-your-own range, virtual courses, refill kits, the studio membership and our blog area. All these ideas were in the planning for months and each had a very clear strategy as to what demand it filled and why that was worth committing the time and investment to. However, now it’s all in place, and I look forward to the next 24 months, it does beg the question of where to focus next.

Join The Studio

The Studio is our membership club for people who want to get even more out of their stitching. Join us to become part of our studio community, with access to all sorts of benefits like discounted refill kits, our studio shop with one off and limited edition designs, as well as the chance to get to know us better at in-person and online events.

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